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Nov 7, 2023

Today, I have an amazing guest, Colie James. I've known her online for years, and we finally got to meet in person at a conference in January. She's absolutely wonderful, inspiring, and incredibly knowledgeable about systems and all things business. I can’t wait to share her brilliance on the podcast today!

In our conversation, we’re diving deep into topics like:
- What most people MISS when starting to put more formal systems together in their business
- What to do first if you find yourself being a bottleneck in your business
- How to repurpose your content strategically (she has brilliant ideas on this!)
- Using automation in your business systems to save time
- How to create more freedom in your life by automating your business. 

And so much more - I absolutely loved this whole conversation! And heads up, we'll be diving into Dubsado in this episode, which is the CRM both Colie and I use. If you're not familiar with what a CRM is or what Dubsado is, don't worry! We'll explain it during the episode. 

Then, if you want to try out Dubsado and save on your subscription, use my code Elizabeth30 to get a 30% discount. If you want to learn more about how it differs from other tools and all the good stuff, you can check that out here:

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