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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jul 9, 2019

Once your website page loads, people form an opinion of it in .05 seconds.  Yep, that’s REALLY short. And, those opinions might be leading viewers to exit your site.


Your website IS your business’ digital home, and for online-based businesses like myself, it is your business’ ONLY home. This matters. So, in this episode I’m diving into why people might not want to stay on your website. We are focusing on the copywriting mistakes you might be making that make people click the exit button. 


And, I’m not just telling you the mistakes, I’m offering solutions too! So, let’s explore how we can improve your website copy to keep people engaged. 


Episode Highlights:

- “If you confuse, you’ll lose.” - why clarity matters on your website 

- Questions to ask so that you can make it clear what problems you solve 

- How to craft a brand statement

- Examples of a brand statement before and after 

- How most people are reading your website 

- Why less is more when it comes to the words on your website 

- The information you MUST HAVE on your website as a local business 

- How missing “key information” hurts your website’s usability 


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