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Breakthrough Brand Podcast - Online Business Growth, Website Design Strategies, Grow a Podcast, Motherhood and Business, Passive Income, Christian Faith, Showit Templates

Feb 28, 2019

This episode focuses on my business story — from an advertising job I hated to the process of starting a business at a very young age. I give you all the details plus tons of practical tips throughout.

Episode Highlights:

- How childhood hobbies can turn into career paths

- The struggles of choosing a major in college and what major I originally went with

- How a bold question at my college internship changed my career trajectory

- A lesson about asking for what you want in life

- The struggles of when you hate your job but are really trying to like it

- All the details on doing “odd jobs” while you get your business off the ground

- How just because you own a business, doesn’t mean you FEEL like a business owner

- All the details on how I landed my first EVER clients in my design business

- The timeline of my business growth over the last 3 years


Thanks for tuning in! Joins us every Tuesday for the newest episode!