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Mar 26, 2019

Oh the joys of working from home, right? It sounds like a total breeze, but to have a successful at-home business, you need some strategy to do things right. In this episode, we are diving into my top tips for actually getting work done as a work-from-home entrepreneur. We discuss roadblocks you’re probably hitting and how to fix them. And, we tackle the  common myths you might be believing about what working from home SHOULD look like. Whether you’re a business owner or someone who works a traditional job from home, this episode is for you!


Episode Highlights:

- Why working from home is a blessing (if you need a pep talk about WHY you should love working from home, this part is for you!)

- The top 2 things NOT to do when you work from home (learn from my mistakes, friends!)

- How to transition into and out of your work day with a routine

- Tips for actually planning your work day (breaks and all!) strategically

- My thoughts on the “issue” of doing household chores during the workday

- How to learn your workday flow

- Tips for setting up a productive and fulfilling home office space


Links Mentioned:

- To-Doist - a productivity app to help you manage your daily tasks

- High Performance Planner