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Apr 2, 2019

In this episode, I’m walking you guys DAY BY DAY through a week behind the scenes in my life and business. In the morning, I tell you about my morning routine and what’s on the agenda for the day, and in the evening I recap what happened. I LOVE these types of episodes because there’s so many hidden lessons in someone’s day to day life. And, I hope you can learn something through looking behind the scenes at mine.


We’ll discuss things like my all time favorite coffee recipe, the ins and outs of a design project, what it’s like to go house hunting in the middle of the workday and SO MUCH MORE.  


Episode Highlights:

- What a typical morning routine is like for me and why I believe a morning routine is vital to success

- My all-time favorite coffee recipe (it’s gluten-free, paleo and sugar-free!)

- My favorite tool for successfully planning busy workdays

- The no-jitter, affordable pre-workout drink I swear by!

- What the process is like juggling 3 open design projects at once

- How house hunting and a Valentine’s Day date fit into my work week

- What my introverted self likes to always do at least once a week

- Why I don’t take meetings on Mondays or Fridays


Get all the links and resources mentioned in this episode:


Links and Resources from this Episode:


- One Year Expressions Bible, NLT

- High-Performance Planner

- My favorite quiet-time journal

- Get 2 weeks of premium FREE on my all time favorite meditation app



- My Special Coffee Recipe:

    - - Black coffee

    - - Nutpods Creamer

    - - Coffee Booster

    - - Collagen Peptides

    - - Bulletproof MCT Oil

- My interview on The Power in Purpose Podcast



- Powersheets

- Morning Buzz - My pre-workout



- Tailwind for Pinterest



- Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens


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