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Apr 9, 2019

We often hear people tell us to “charge what you’re worth” or “they are not paying you what you’re worth.” But, is your worth correlated to your business pricing? Are you the same as your business? Nope. I’m here to debunk these statements, show you WHY this doesn’t work. I’m sharing practical tips to help you decide if you should raise your prices or if you should lower them, and how to decide on your pricing as a new business owner.


Episode Highlights:

- How to find your self-worth outside of your business success or failure

- How to price your services when you’re a new service business

- The 3 things you should be focusing on when you’re a new business owner

- How to properly experiment with your pricing

- The questions you should be asking if you want to charge more for your services

- Ways to know if you should raise your prices or lower them

- How to charge from a spirit of “enoughness”