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Apr 16, 2019

I’m so excited to have my incredible husband, Adam, as a guest on today’s podcast! Y’all are going to love this conversation about personal finance, budgeting, saving, tithing, and all things money. We had so much fun recording this, and we hope you gain so much from the financial tips we share! We walk through 5 main categories of money: budgeting, paying off debt, tithing, retirement, and short-term savings.


Episode Highlights:

- Our budgeting story - where we started + what we do now

- Our tips for getting along when it comes to money and marriage

- All the categories in our budget that we spend within

- What are individual roles are within managing our finances as a family

- Our thoughts on credit cards and what we recommend

- How and WHY we paid off over $20,000 worth of student loan debt rapidly

- Why we believe tithing is so important and how we manage our monthly tithing

- How to save well for retirement as a self-employed person

- How we saved up for our first home


Links Mentioned in this Episode:

- Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card

- Betterment

- The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias

- Small Time Operator by Bernard B. Kamoroff C.P.A.

- Master Your Money Mind by Amber Lilyestrom

- Money Girl Podcast

- Ally Bank


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[A quick note: We are certainly not financial advisors! We are just two twenty-somethings sharing what has worked for us when it comes to personal finance, marriage, and business. We recommend consulting a financial professional if you want more info to find out what strategies are right for your life and business.]