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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

May 21, 2019

Instagram strategy is different at every follower level. What works for someone with 100,000 followers won’t necessarily work the same for someone with 1,000 followers. In this episode, I’m sharing Instagram strategy for the business owners who are NEWER to the follower game — with less than 1,000 followers, specifically. If that’s not you, no worries! You’ll still be able to glean a lot from this episode all about Instagram strategy!


I’m talking specifically about how to do things that will lead to book clients and make sales on Instagram, not just gain a following for the heck of it. I want you to have a following that CONVERTS. And by converts, I mean not just a pretty number, but people that are actually buying from you. I don't have a ton of IG followers, but Instagram still a huge lead generator for my business. With solid strategy, you can book clients on IG at any follower level. I’m going to teach you how!


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- Try out Planoly to plan your Instagram content

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Episode Highlights:

- What to do when you feel “stupid” because no one is watching your stories or responding to anything you share

- How to create the perfect call to action for your posts

- Super solid Instagram story tips to help you create better content

- A super incredible tip for responding to DMs from my friend Maghon at All She Wrote Notes

- Why it will hurt your sales when you choose not to write people back

- How to create a mix of selling and giving on your Instagram account

- Ideas for what to share on Instagram stories and on posts

- The tool I use to plan my Instagram content

- How to make a lasting connection with your audience on Instagram

- Tips for optimizing your Instagram stories effectiveness without the “swipe up” feature

- How to book clients through hashtags