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May 28, 2019

Today we are talking all about PHOTOSHOOTS! Some of you might be thinking “Ugh, I hate having my photo taken and therefore, would like to skip this episode.” And some of you might be thinking “Bring it on!! I’m so sick of using so many stock photos for my business.” Wherever you fall, get excited because this episode shares exactly how to prepare for a brand photoshoot.


If you feel frustrated or overwhelmed when picking photos to use in your business, I’ve been there! I’ve been the person who has zero good headshots and a website FULL of free stock photos with nothing original to share on Instagram. Personal branding photoshoots have really transformed the way I’m able to market my business.


In this episode, I give you my blueprint for planning your photoshoot. We cover how to pick your photographer, creating a shot list, picking props, choosing the location, and figuring out what to wear.


Get ready to feel camera-confident (and online business confident) because you’re going to have photos that represent YOU!

Episode Highlights:

- The style of photography to look for when deciding who to work with

- The number of photoshoots I’ve had for my business (it’s way less than you would think!)

- How to decide exactly what images you need to get before stepping into your photoshoot

- How I support my 1:1 clients during their branding photoshoots

- Examples of props to make your photoshoot interesting and unique to your business

- Key things to look for in a photoshoot location

- What to AVOID wearing for your photoshoot so that you’ll look and feel your very best

- How to totally transform an outfit without a wardrobe change

Links Mentioned in Episode:

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