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Jun 4, 2019

We’re following up on last week’s episode and diving into YOUR questions about branding photo shoots. We’re talking about nerves in front of the camera, how to add more personality to your images, when and where to share them and so much more. Ready to get incredible images for your business? This episode is for YOU!


These are all questions you sent in on Instagram or email, and I’m so excited to get to answer them, and even give you guys some shout outs!


Episode Highlights:

- 7 ways to be more confidence in front of the camera

- The importance of choosing a location you’ll be comfortable in

- The 3 types of images many people regret not getting

- The must-have photo types for your social media and website

- How to find a photographer that will help you plan everything

- How many photos of yourself should you be sharing on Instagram

- How to get the most mileage out of a single photo shoot

- What to do if you can’t afford a photographer right now

- Answering the question of if you need personal branding in the corporate world

- How to decide what to wear when you don’t have brand colors yet

- How to add personality to your images so they aren’t so boring

Links Mentioned in Episode:

- Get the show notes and blog post for this episode

- See examples of photoshoot images

- Visit Elizabeth’s website

- Follow along with Elizabeth on Instagram

- Leave a review for the show on iTunes!