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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

I would argue that testimonials are one of the most POWERFUL marketing tools for your business. We live in a world that runs on reviews, and positive feedback from someone else (even if we don’t personally know them) can make a HUGE difference in whether or not we buy something. And, let’s be real, your past customers aren’t going to just send you a testimonial just because. They’ve got their own life and stuff going on! So, you’ve got to ask them and ASK THEM WELL.


In this episode, I’m teaching you exactly how I ask my clients for testimonials.  We dive into what to say, how to say it, and some dos and don’ts along the way. I’ve been asking for testimonials this way for about 2 years now, and it totally works!


So, if you’re ready to have raving reviews for your business, this episode is FOR YOU. Get excited to have some clear strategies to implement today!


Episode Highlights:

- 3 reasons why testimonials are game changer for your business

- Why you should never just email your past client “asking for a testimonial”

- How to create an easy system to ask for feedback

- Exact questions you should be asking your past clients in order to get answers you’ll actually want to share

- REAL reviews from some of my clients as examples of how powerful reviews can be when you do good work and ask good questions

- The most important question style you should be asking

- How to get clients to put the review on other spots like Facebook, Wedding Wire, Google, etc.

- How to ask for construction criticism and actually utilize it for your own good

- Why getting permission to use a review matters


Stay tuned next week for even more content on testimonials!


Links Mentioned in Episode:

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-   See reviews on my website

-   Get the full show notes 

-   Come hang out on Instagram!