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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jul 30, 2019

You guys have been asking for this episode, and now here it is! We’re talking all about how to land your first paying clients in your business, and I’m sharing all the details of where my very first clients originated from. If you’re just starting out, this episode will prepare you to be a lead generating machine! And, if you’ve been in business a while, but are struggling to book clients, then this will be a refresh of new places to look. 


We’re getting very practical, as usual, and you’ll learn a lot about lead generation! All of the methods I’m sharing are ways I’ve actually landed clients myself. (Not all of them first clients, but all of them have been lead generators for me at some point.)


Getting your first clients is HARD. When you’re new and you don’t have testimonials, references or a portfolio yet, it makes things tougher. So, get ready to book more clients as you explore these 8 ways to find them! Plus, one BONUS way!  


Episode Highlights:

- My thoughts on freelancer websites, such as UpWork (and why these sites are so controversial) 

- Why you feel intimidated as a new business owner telling your friends about it, and how to get past it

- How to network for free and meet your potential clients

- How to find clients in Facebook groups the RIGHT way 

- How to use social media to book clients — even with a low following 

- The best way to be proactive when finding new clients 

- Why I believe in praying for my clients and future clients 

- Exactly where all my early clients came from 

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