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Aug 13, 2019

I understand how it feels to be ignored in this noisy world. It’s a challenge to speak in a way that gets the attention of your dream clients. You have this great product or service, but you’re getting beat out by people who are able to communicate about their offer better. 


Whether you’re a coach, photographer, realtor, designer, you name it… If you’re asking the question, “How on earth do I stand out?!” then I have a solution for you! It all starts with knowing what the customer wants and what their problem is, then positioning yourself as the person that will solve that problem. In this episode, we go very deep into marketing tactics and the minds of our ideal customers. 


Do you know what problem you are solving for customers? Can you sum it up in a couple sentences and in a way that is compelling to them? Often times we really understand our product or service. We know every in and out of what we do. BUT, we don’t fully know what problems we are solving on a deeper level. People don’t want your service, they want their problems solved. They want a transformation. 


In this episode, I’m teaching:

- How to speak to your customer’s pain points in your marketing

- How to discover what pain points you’re solving for customers 

- What to do if you feel like you aren’t actually “solving a problem”

- The 2 things you need to know in order to successfully sell your product/service 

- How to use empathy and authority in your marketing 

- What to do if you feel sleazy for actually focusing on your marketing 

Remember: A great message is NOT when your ideal client understands you, it’s when your ideal client feels understood BY YOU.


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