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Sep 24, 2019

We’re talking about how to know when it’s time for a new website in your business. This is a big question that I get asked often, and it can be hard to tell whether you just have “shiny object syndrome” or if you’ve been neglecting your website without realizing it. Often times it’s time for a total website overhaul, and we are so distracted that we miss it. And, when we miss it (as you’ll soon find in this episode), you’re leaving money on the table. Today, I’m walking you through how to know if it’s time for a website update and some specific questions to ask yourself to help you decide exactly what you need! 


Yesterday was the day where the new website templates hit EM Shop! I’m excited beyond words! If you haven’t checked out the templates, I want you to take a peek while you listen to this episode. Visit to explore them! 


Links mentioned in this episode:

- Shop EM Shop Showit website templates: 

- Take the website personality test:

- Want help deciding if an EM Shop template is right for your business? Schedule a 20-minute call with Elizabeth here:


Get the full blog post for this episode here: 


Don’t miss out! Launch week is happening until Friday, September 27th! When you buy any template this week, you’ll get 2 amazing bonuses! These bonuses WILL expire after Friday. So, don’t hold off, if you need a new website, now is the time!