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Jan 28, 2020

We are talking about naming your business! I’m walking you through specific mistakes to avoid when naming your business. Whether you have an established business name already or you’re a new business owner trying to figure out what to call yourself, this episode has something for you! If you already have your business name figured out, these same steps apply to naming your course, podcast, membership site, or really ANYTHING in your business that needs a name! And, you can listen to these 8 mistakes to make sure your current name isn’t making any of them. 

Your brand name is just as important as your branding itself. But, most people don’t seek out a professional brand designer or business strategist on this step in the process. Typically as a designer, someone is coming to me with their name or just buying a template with their name already picked out. But, your NAME is so important. It’s worth naming with intention. I have named my business three times (which sounds ridiculous, I know. I’ll explain more in this episode), and I’ve helped many other entrepreneurs hone in on their perfect brand name — both as clients and through my “Name your Business” workbook. In this episode, I’m going to help YOU name your business or program in the same way and avoid all the common pitfalls along the way. 


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