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Feb 4, 2020

Thinking about hiring your first team member, but not sure where to start? Today’s episode is for YOU. I’m chatting with leadership and hiring coach, Kaylan Thompson about how to prepare for and make your first hire. We talk about fears around hiring, how to not micromanage your team, who to hire first in your business, great interview questions and so much more! 


Episode Highlights:

- What to do when finances are the reason you can’t hire quite yet 

- How to build a team that you don’t have to micromanage 

- How do you know when it’s the “right time” to hire 

- How to prepare your business for future hiring in advance 

- Important job application questions to ask 

- Important interview questions to ask 


Maybe you think this episode isn’t for you because you don’t want to hire yet. I totally get it! Even if you’re not ready to hire yet, you can still start now in preparing your business for that future expansion and growth. We talk about exactly how in this episode, and I share an example of how I prepared to hire before actually doing the hiring. 

P.S. Guess where I’ll be this week?! Listen to the intro to this episode to hear updates about the trip to Cabo I’ll be on with Showit this week! Follow along with me on Instagram for behind the scenes of our trip! 

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