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Jul 7, 2020

My goal for this episode is that it will inspire you to believe in yourself, see what’s possible for your business, and give you some practical tools to create the business of your dreams. We’re talking about visualization, mindset, goal setting, future self, and so much more! 


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

- 3 reasons why visualization is key to creating your desired business 

- 5 ways I use visualization and mindset to create success 

- Real-life visualization and mindset examples that you can take and make your own

- My absolute favorite journal prompt 

- How to figure out what your crazy dream for your business is 

Before I get into the topic, you’ll hear me struggle through talking about how my wonderful dad just recently passed away. I stumble through everything I say on the audio, as you can imagine the grieving process is weird and this is the first episode I’m recording since his passing away. I just wanted to note that this won’t be the last time I talk about this, but I wanted this to be the first thing I recorded since stepping back into the office because this topic is something my dad suggested I do an episode about. When I was interviewed on James Wedmore’s Podcast (episode #368), I talk about visualization and how it’s played a role in my business. My dad listened to that interview not once, but twice, and encouraged me to do a full episode on that piece of the conversation. I am missing my dad SO much as I type this, but I also feel a peace knowing that he is with the Lord in heaven. I appreciate your prayers and loving messages during this time. I’ve read every single one. Please keep praying for us during this strange time, and even though I felt a bit “off” as I recorded this, I hope you get something beautiful from the content in this episode! 


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