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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

Today we’re talking about copywriting, but not just any ole copy — copy that is personality-packed, entertaining, and ultimately makes the sale. I’m chatting with my friend and copywriting expert, Brittany McBean about 8 specific tactics you can use to improve your copywriting. These tips apply to your whole website, your sales pages, and even your email marketing. You guys know I LOVE copywriting, I love helping you create more sales through your words, your designs, and everything in between, and this episode has so many tactical ways to do EXACTLY THAT. 


What You’ll Learn:

- How to include sensory details in your copywriting

- The best way to talk about yourself in your copywriting

- How to use market research to get a jumpstart on your copy 

- How to use the 5 emotions to invoke deep feelings in the reader

- What reading level you should be writing at and how to double-check yourself

- How to create your very own “copy vault” 

… and so much more! 


Our lovely guest today, Brittany McBean, is a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist who helps online educators and creatives stand out with crystal clear messaging and a laser-focused strategy—writing the words that get you seen by the right people so you can make a maximum impact and income. 


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