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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jul 21, 2020

I’m answering your questions today, and we’re covering everything from budgeting in your business to online haters, exercising, indecision, and so much more. These are questions listeners sent in from a survey and on social media. You might even hear your name on here! ;) 


Here’s a sampling of the questions you’ll hear me answer on this episode:

- How do you budget best when your income is inconsistent?

- Do you ever get hateful messages online? How do you handle them? 

- How do you market yourself well if you’re introverted, especially on Instagram stories?

- Is your husband an entrepreneur too?? What does he do for work?

… and a bunch more! 


I get really real on this one, and I hope what I’m sharing helps encourage you to grow your business boldly! If you want to hear the previous “Ask Me Anything” episode, scroll back to episode #41! 


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