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Aug 4, 2020

The secret is finally OUT. I’m creating a program for designers on how to create and run a booked out design business. I’m SO excited to share this program with you! So, I was on a walk a few days ago thinking and brainstorming this course, and had the bright idea to take YOU ALL along for the journey with me. So throughout this process, I will do episodes updating you on where things are at. Ever thought about making a course or digital offer in your business? Thinking you might want to GET this course when I release it? Either way, this episode will have some lessons and learnings for you! 


My hope is that these episodes will be inspiring, entertaining to listen to, and full of little tidbits throughout that will help you grow your business. 


Here’s a bit of what we’re covering today:

- Building “bridges” in your business and why you should nail one offer before adding the next 

- Business dream journals - what and why you should have one

- Why I’m making this course and why NOW 

- Some of the nitty-gritty details of what will be included 

- The struggles I’ve had so far in the creation process and what I’m learning

- Pre-selling, beta testers, or straight up launching? — I’m sharing what I’ll be doing here! 

- A fun thing I’m doing right now to talk 1:1 with potential customers 

- Figuring out prices, names, and so much more! 

If you’re like “Hey! This course sounds amazing. Count me IN!”, then head over to You’ll be able to get on a waitlist for the program and/or take a survey for me to give your own input for what you want in this course. I am making this course FOR YOU, so I want your input on what you want to learn! 


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