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Aug 18, 2020

I hate emailing. There I said it! The “inbox management hustle” is one of my least favorite business things, but creating SYSTEMS around emailing has certainly helped me enjoy it more. Emailing is such a vital part of running a business. It’s how we communicate with customers, potential customers, and so much more. But, spending ALL DAY in your inbox is not “vital” and is actually a total waste of time. 


In this episode, I’m giving you 7 strategies for how to systematize your inbox right now — whether you get 15 emails a day or 200. Starting NOW on creating an organized inbox will be a key to scaling your business long term. Some of these strategies you may already do, while others might feel totally new. Listen through all of them, and then I challenge you to take 3 of them that resonate with you the most and implement them this week! 


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