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Aug 25, 2020

Want to attract and book more ideal clients? Ready to have more leads turn into paying clients? These 5 secrets will teach you how. A little while ago, I hosted a live webinar with one of my favorite software companies, Dubsado, as part of their summer sale. It was really fun, I got to hang out live with tons of other designers and small business owners and teach some big strategies for marketing! This webinar was such a hit that I asked Dubsado if I could share it on the podcast. They happily said yes. So, in this episode, you’ll hear the audio from that webinar plus a fabulous Q&A at the end where some really great questions were asked! 


I’d recommend downloading the slides to get the full experience here and to help you implement what I’m teaching. To download the slides as a PDF, go to If you’re not a designer, but instead another type of service business, there is still so much to gain here. When I did the live webinar, I had some bookkeepers, copywriters, photographers, and coaches watching and they loved it too. So, just apply what I say to your business type. 


To get the slides (for a visual of everything I share), see them here:


If you want to watch the webinar instead of just listening, you can watch the replay here:


To get 30% off your Dubsado subscription + a free trial, sign up here: 


Visit Elizabeth’s website:


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Secret #1 - 9:15

Secret #2 - 13:24

Secret #3 - 20:50

Secret #4 - 26:35

Secret #5 - 32:09


Question #1 When should I send a potential client to my scheduler to book a call? 41:00

Question #2 Should I ask for a potential client’s budget on my contact form? 42:03

Question #3 Can you offer a call option to potential clients if you list a starting price on your services page?  43:23

Question #4 Do you have to incentivize clients to fill out your survey? 44:48

Question #5 Do you set up a “Coming Soon” page for custom website clients while you are working on their new website? 45:26

Question #6 What do you do when your clients launch or promote their products until later? 46:51

Question #7 How do you handle promotion for high profile clients? 49:14

Question #8 What to do for clients who are interested in multiple options on your contact form? 52:02