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Dec 1, 2020

You asked — I answered. On today’s podcast, I am asking the expert about all things CONTRACTS. The “legal side” of our business can feel totally scary. (Been there!) My hope is that this episode will ease some of those fears allowing you to get clarity on your biggest questions about using contracts. 


I’m chatting with Kailey Jacomet from Contractista! Kailey is a lawyer for small businesses, a wife, and a momma with baby #2 on the way! And in her shop, she sells contract templates, so she was the perfect person to quiz about all things contracts! 


Here are some of the questions you’ll hear me ask Kailey: 

- When is the right time to start using contracts in your business?

- How does a contract fit into the overall client experience?

- Do we need an attorney-drafted contract? Can we just write your own? How does it work?

- What are some “must-have” clauses to include in your contracts? 

- Copying in the online space — how do we legally protect ourselves here?

- How do we “copyright” our websites?

And SO much more! 


Tune in now for some MAJOR clarity about your own contracts and the legal side of your business! 


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