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Dec 29, 2020

A Bulletproof Strategy for Achieving Your Goals with the Power of Habits


Today I’m sharing ONE simple strategy I’ve been using for months to create new habits in my life… In a little by little sort of way. It’s simple, yet powerful. I believe this episode will be the motivation you need as we move into a new year to really GO AFTER those crazy goals and create change for yourself. I want you to not just get all excited with a goal on December 31st then quit, but actually carry it out throughout the WHOLE YEAR. Habits is the way to do it. 


So volume up for a short and sweet episode to motivate and inspire action in your life using the power of habits. And if you’re catching this episode at some random time in the future (aka not when it aired at the end of 2020)... still tune in. This strategy is timeless, and you can get started at absolutely any time! 


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