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Jan 12, 2021

Well, we did it! 100 episodes! I would say I can’t believe that I have recorded this many episodes, but I absolutely CAN because I love this podcast. And this entire journey has been a blast! For this special episode, I asked my dear friend Jena Viviano to interview ME. Yep, we’re flipping the mic! 


Jena is one of my dearest friends. She knows me super well both personally and professionally. She was a past client of mine and has even used THREE of my website templates! She also was the first ever guest on the podcast (episode #42), so it feels especially fitting to have her on for this special episode. 


Jena digs deep into some amazing topics, and I share really openly and honestly about big dreams of mine, struggles in my life and my business, and so much more. 


We get into questions about… 

- What I was like in high school 

- What I think the hardest thing about running a business is 

- My favorite and least favorite parts of my business

- What I see the next 5 years looking like 

- Money mindset struggles 

- My big audacious “Before I’m 30” goal! 

- How I incorporate my faith into my business 

…. And so much more! 

I hope you guys enjoy this “flipping of the mic” and getting an insider peek into my life and business! And thank you for being here… whether this is your first episode or if you’ve listened to ALL 99 before this one. (Which I know so many of you HAVE!) Thank you for being here, and cheers to 100 MORE episodes to come! 


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