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Feb 9, 2021

Ready to stop chasing clients down and make more money in your design business? If you’re on the burnt out hamster wheel, I’ve got help just for you. It IS possible to enjoy client work, make a great living as a designer, and have time for your family and other priorities too. It’s the Booked Out Designer lifestyle, and that’s what I’m teaching you here. 


In addition to the tips, you’ll also hear me talk about the course I’ve created for brand and website designers — including spilling the NAME of the course for the first time! Whether you’re a designer or you run another type of service business, you’ll get a lot from this episode. But, I am focused primarily on designers here! Get ready to go from burnt out to booked out with these “must-haves” in your business! 


When this episode originally aired Booked Out Designer was BRAND NEW and in the early stages of being built. Now we’ve had 100+ students take part in this incredible 90 lesson course and coaching program. The results these designers are getting are INSANE! Seeing others win and getting to cheer them on has been incredible. If you’re interested in Booked Out Designer, you can actually join right now. (Or, if you want to sample the course… see info on how to do that below!) Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been at it for years, this course and coaching program will help you build a thriving, money-making design business that keeps you booked out, not burnt out. Get all the details at Have questions? Please email me at! I’d love to chat with you! Hope to see you inside of the course soon! 


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- Join Booked Out Designer (yep! It’s live now!) at 

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- Want to buy the awesome financial spreadsheet I talk about in this episode? You can! It's included in Booked Out Designer, but you can also buy it solo for just $39! Profit Sheet helps you actually know the numbers in your business, feel more financially organized, and run your service business with more ease. Get it here: 

- Do you need additional discovery call tips? Get the Designer’s FREE Guide to Mastering Discovery Calls here: 

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