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Feb 16, 2021

Let’s play 20 questions — design business style! In my waitlist survey for my new program Booked Out Designer, there was a spot to “ask me anything”, and the waitlist designers sent some amazing questions in. I have had about 100 people fill out this survey so far, and the questions are definitely influencing what goes into the course, but in addition to that… I want to tackle some of them right now on the podcast. 


Designers, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode! For those of you who aren’t designers (still LOVE you!), you’ll also enjoy this for tons of tips about running a service based business. We’re talking about things like the story of starting my business, tips for going full time, what to focus on early on in your business, what my workflow was like with clients when I first started, and so much more. 




An update for ya: Booked Out Designer is actually LIVE now, and you can join today! In this course, I’m pulling back the curtains on the secrets and skills I’ve used to create a six-figure design business working with dream clients and staying in demand as a designer. Whether you’re a designer who is just getting started or someone who’s been designing for a while, if you’re ready to take the business side of things to the next level – this program is for you. We’re talking about finding your niche, pricing your services, marketing your design services, mastering the discovery call, business finances, contracts and so much more. Plus, you’ll get to see my complete client experience including real footage of me working on projects, on calls with my clients, and all kinds of behind-the-scenes access. 


Want to see it for yourself first? You can sample 2 full-length lessons from Booked Out Designer absolutely free (no credit card required). Head to to get your sample! Ready to learn more? Check out: I hope to see you inside of our community soon! Email with any questions! 


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