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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

May 18, 2021

Time for another pregnancy episode! As I’m recording this, I’m in my 25th week of pregnancy. You’ll hear it in my 26th week if you listen live. Then the next week, the 2nd trimester is OVER and the 3rd trimester begins! Today I’m catching you up on things from the second trimester. 


What We’re Talking About:

  • Finding out the gender 
  • Our gender reveal party with friends
  • Physically how I’ve felt in the second trimester
  • Our babymoon trip to New York
  • Tips for planning a babymoon
  • Exercises I’m doing daily to prep my body for birth
  • Pregnancy podcasts I’m loving 
  • Chiropractic care in pregnancy 
  • Working with a voice coach
  • Creating my online course 
  • Maternity leave prep and planning 
  • What’s on my calendar work-wise until baby arrives 

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