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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

Want an insider scoop on what my program Booked Out Designer is actually like? Today I’m chatting with one of my founding member students, Ida Winstead! We’re talking all about how her business has grown over the years, her story as a designer, and how Booked Out Designer has impacted her business. 


What you’ll hear us talk about:

- How Ida booked out her client calendar 

- How Booked Out Designer helped her refine her client process and discovery call experience

- The Booked Out Designer community of designers (they are seriously the best!)

- What coaching calls are like inside the course 

- Ida’s favorite lessons and modules 

- What the course format is like so you know what to expect 

… and so much more fun conversation! 


In a few short weeks, Booked Out Designer will be opening again for new students to join the community! This program is the perfect place for brand and website designers who want to build a booked out, in demand design business. The doors open on July 12th and once our launch week is over, we won’t have another enrollment period for the course until 2022. When you buy Booked Out Designer, you get the amazing COURSE (over 90 lessons of content), you get an incredible private Facebook community (with actual access to me!), and some incredible surprise bonuses too. 

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