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Jun 29, 2021

Sales calls, discovery calls, consultations… whatever you want to call them — you may love them or you may hate them. Regardless, we all know they’re important. What happens on this call can literally determine whether a potential client works with you OR ghosts you and works with someone else. 


I used to hate sales calls. I had a few bad experiences with them early on in my business,  and for a while, I left these calls feeling frazzled, vulnerable, and not sure if I was “confident enough” (even when I DID book the client). So, after about 5 years of consistently doing these calls (more if you count my freelancer days when I was so frazzled), I’ve learned some things that help you get that “sales call confidence” we all want. I’m sharing FOUR of those strategies with you today (plus, of course, extra tips throughout). So, get ready to feel CONFIDENT and totally book the client on your next sales call! 


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When you buy Booked Out Designer, you get the amazing COURSE (over 90 lessons of content), you get an incredible private Facebook community (with actual access to me!), group coaching with me, and some incredible surprise bonuses too. And, like I say in this episode, there’s an entire module JUST ON discovery calls in the course with 3 and half hours of training content for you. So, join the waitlist at today! 

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