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Jul 6, 2021

Today we’re talking about one of my favorite topics — one that I honestly don’t cover on this podcast enough because I’m seriously obsessed with it. And that is… client experience! I got a heavy dose of teaching on client experience in my course for designers, Booked Out Designer, where there’s an entire module with 12 lessons (and 5 hours of content) on this topic. By improving your client experience you not only make your client happier, but you make yourself happier as the service-provider. You’re less likely to experience burnout and overwhelm, and you’re very likely to be able to charge a lot more for what you do! So today, I’m sharing the top 4 mistakes I see designers and other service providers making with their client experience. I’ll also be offering some solutions to these mistakes so you can have a happier YOU and happier clients! 


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