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Jul 13, 2021

Today I’m chatting with an amazing founding member of Booked Out Designer, Katie Taylor! Katie is a Showit website designer and marketing analyst who works with local businesses in Cincinnati, Ohio. I know that hearing her business story will inspire you (and be super relatable)! Katie officially started her business in September of 2019, and it looked a lot different then than it does now. In the winter of 2021, she thought about throwing in the towel on her business and Booked Out Designer was the thing that kept her up and going! 


Here are some quick highlights from this conversation:

- Katie’s story of starting her business after 10 years in a non-profit event planning job 

- How Katie was about to quit her business at the beginning of this year before discovering Booked Out Designer

- The life of being a self-taught website designer 

- How Katie made her projects go FASTER by implementing strategies in Booked Out Designer

- Katie’s story of booking a $6,000 web project while in Booked Out Designer

- An insider peek at what the community of Booked Out Designer is like and what you can expect from the course 


If you’re listening to this LIVE.. then Booked Out Designer is open for enrollment right now, but only through this Friday (July 16th, 2021). So, be sure to check out the info page while you listen to this episode! This will be the last time the course is open in 2021, and if this feels like a good fit for you, then I want you to join me! See all the deets at 


And, if you’re like me and you like to SEE stuff before you buy it, then go to to get 2 lessons of the course absolutely FREE. And, you’ll get to see exactly what the course is like, read about each module, and so much more! 


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