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Jul 27, 2021

Chatting with Callie is always so much fun, and this conversation is no exception! She’s been on the podcast back on episode #49. And, I’ve been a guest on her podcast, Living Enneagram, on episode #63 and #134 (linked below!). Callie is an enneagram coach, podcaster, YouTuber, wife, and new mama! We recorded this episode when she was about 3 months postpartum. So, she’s in the trenches. These aren’t tips from years ago from what she can remember, but the real stuff she’s doing NOW. 


Whether you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or a new mama yourself, there’s something for you here. Or, if you are going through another big life transition (like moving, getting married, transitioning jobs, starting your business, etc), I think there’s so much for you to apply to non-baby related situations as well. Plus, so much of the baby stuff also just applies to BUSINESS, which you’ll hear us say a couple of times! 


Some topics we’ll cover:

- What Callie’s experience was like managing a full business schedule while growing a baby

- How she planned her business to prepare for a baby on the way

- Different things she did to mentally prepare for birth and postpartum

- Tips for actually sleeping as a new parent

- How to financially prepare your business for time off

- The steps she took to hire a nanny 

- What day to day looks like now as a new mama 

… and so much more! 


Seriously…  I say this in the episode, but I will be re-listening to this one when it airs. It’s good, it’s refreshing, and encouraging! So, volume up and get excited! 


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