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Sep 7, 2021

Today starts our 3 week series on real estate investing – get excited because within the next 3 episodes there is over 2 hours worth of really tactical advice for you on the topic of real estate. WOOHOO. I’ve been anticipating recording these episodes since the end of 2020 when we first got started with all of this and when I first started asking you guys what questions you had. Now here we are! 


On today’s episode, you’ll hear myself and my husband Adam answering questions you sent in on Instagram about real estate investing! If you haven’t met Adam on the podcast previously, he’s the best. He’s been a guest on my podcast a few times over the years — some to talk about personal finance in an early episode and to talk about our “we’re pregnant” announcement as well! 


You’ll hear me say this on the episode, but we aren’t “real estate experts” and certainly don’t pretend to be! We are regular people like you who decided to invest in real estate. I am all about more people who aren’t “experts” teaching what they’ve found works for them. (Often we feel unqualified to do that, and I don’t think we should!) So, know that is where we are coming from. For context, we live in Nashville, we own 3 rental properties all in different parts of Middle Tennessee. 


In each of these 3 episodes, we’re tackling completely different types of questions. So, be sure to listen to all 3 episodes for the “full scoop”. Here’s some of what we’re answering today: 

- I’d love to just know more on what got y’all interested and whether you were nervous buying during a sellers market? 

- Tips for going into business with your spouse? 

- I’m curious if you have already purchased a house for yourself to live in? I’m currently renting a house but I want to buy a rental property this year! It feels weird to buy my first house that I wouldn’t live in, does that sound silly? 🤣

- I would love to know if you bought these properties while having a mortgage on your current home and if so did you find that that was a complication! I’m also super curious if you saved to be able to buy these out right or if you chose to take mortgages on these two properties! Basically, I want all the money details 😂👏🏻 

- Are you buying them ready to go or doing work to them?

- Biggest question I’m dying to know is whether you actually purchased these properties. I’ve heard about people getting into Airbnb etc by leasing places! I think it’s so fascinating!! 

- I’d love to know how you decided between Airbnb/long term rentals, and how you (or Adam) knew it was the one to offer one? ☺️

… and some other stuff as well! 

There’s a lot about personal finance in general throughout these 3 episodes, so even if real estate doesn’t sound like a way you’d like to invest, I still think you’ll learn sooo much from this series! And, if you’re seeing this title thinking “I don’t have money to do that, I’ll pass.”... seriously tune in because there is so much for you here even if you’re in that boat! Whether you’re doing real estate now or wondering how you can grow your wealth in the future, you’ll take away a lot. 


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