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Sep 14, 2021

I hope you loved last week’s episode with part one of all of this real estate talk. We’re back today with part TWO of three parts! If you missed part one, go back and listen to it before this one (episode 134) or at least listen to it after. It’s a bit more “foundational” content and here we’re getting into more specifics. 


Today to give you a little peek into what we’re talking about, here are the main questions we’re answering: 

- How much money should you have upfront when investing in rental properties?

- Do you need 20% down for an investment property?

- Would love to know why rentals vs a flip?

- Would love to know how you found your properties and how you are planning to finance them!  - How much are you going to cash flow from each?

- I’d love to hear how much profit you think you’ll be able to make from them!?

- Are you planning to be the landlord/maintenance person or hiring that part out? 

- How do you plan to screen tenants? 

- Are you furnishing your rental properties?

- I would love to know how you decided to go for two properties right away? We have gone back and forth about whether to do just one or two.


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