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Sep 28, 2021

Today I have the honor of interviewing my amazing client and friend, Rick Mulready! In this interview, I ask Rick #allthethings about what his business and life look like behind the scenes as a 7-Figure/Year business owner. No matter where you are in your business right now, you’re going to learn so much from Rick’s insight into the mindset, habits, thoughts, and actions that have led to his success. 


I’ve learned a lot from Rick through having him as a client (I redesigned his brand and website last year!), and fun fact… his podcast was one of the first I discovered when I first started my business years ago. So, this interview is very special for me! 


Some highlights we’ll cover:

- How Rick makes money in his business and how that has evolved over the years 

- What a “typical” workday looks like 

- Major team building strategies 

- How parenthood changed Rick’s business and work schedule 

- Calendar/scheduling strategies for success  

- Working towards a 4 day work week 

- Why mindset matters SO MUCH

- How to better track your business data 


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I’ve also been a guest on Rick’s awesome podcast The Art of Online Business! To hear those interviews, click the links below or scroll to episodes #438 and #482

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