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Oct 19, 2021

Site traffic is super important, but what’s equally important (or arguably even more important) is how long people stay on your website. A bunch of quick hits to your site from your Instagram or Google search is awesome, but only awesome if those people hang around long enough to get to know your business, what you sell, and how you can help them. The more time someone spends on your site in a single visit, the more likely they will be to return later, the more trust you’re building with them, and the more likely that you’ll convert them into clients and customers. So, in this episode, I’m giving you 6 specific ways to get people to hang out on your website longer. 


This episode is a recast from back in November of 2020 (episode #93), and I’m re-airing it because it’s a top hit episode! I got so much great feedback from it when it originally came out, and I know if you missed it originally, you’re going to want to listen in. And, be sure you implement the goodness I’m sharing too! Stay tuned til the end because I recap all 6 of these tips in question form to help you decide which of these to tackle on your website right now! (This is a very “action packed” episode!) 

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