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Nov 18, 2021

Two episodes in ONE WEEK?! So fun right! I’m here with part two of our Showit Templates Q&A time. I’m answering the top questions I get about using Showit, my template shop, and other website design questions. These are coming to you straight from our inbox, and I’ll be answering them in the most easy to understand, non-techy way possible! 


If you are interested in a template from me but have some questions first — this episode will likely (hopefully!) answer some of those questions. And, if you missed part one… scoot back to episode #144 for that! You don’t have to listen to both, but both will be helpful to you in understanding templates. 


You’ll find time stamps below, so if you want to skip around this episode to find just what you need - you can!  


  1. [02:39] Do your templates integrate with (fill in the blank software)? 
  2. [06:03] I am struggling with which template to pick, I really love X one but also X one! How do I pick? 
  3. [09:43]Who are your templates not right for?
  4. [12:17] Who all uses your templates? 
  5. [14:54] What happens if I run into an issue and can’t figure something out?
  6. [19:25] How is the SEO game with your templates?

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And, head back to episode #144 if you want to hear more questions answered!