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Dec 28, 2021

I personally love these types of episodes — don’t you?! And I’ve done this yearly recap content on my podcast or blog typically every year, but skipped 2020. So, I’m back though to recap 2021 with you in this casual, fun episode with plenty of biz tips throughout! 


I’m sharing some highlights from the year both personally and in my business, plus 4 specific business lessons I learned. I’ll also be talking about revenue numbers from this year compared to 2020, what WASN’T working for me this year and some things that were frustrating. And, at the end, I’ll be sharing what’s on the agenda for my business in 2022! 


I hope you enjoy this casual episode! And, as we close out another year, I want to say THANK YOU for being here. Thank you for being a podcast listener. I appreciate you more than you know! If you’ve never reviewed or rated the show, would you mind doing so today?! It just takes a moment and helps others find this podcast. 


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