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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Feb 10, 2022

Here’s part TWO of ways to make more money in your service business. I hope you enjoyed part one because we are taking it deeper here with even more tips. ’m sharing 4 more ways that you can make more money in your business as a service provider. 


And, good news: I’m focusing on ways you can make more money without abrutively changing your biz model, without adding products, and without reinventing the wheel. I’d highly encourage you to take notes on this one! When there’s a tip that you think will work in your business, jot it down, and do it after! You’ve got this. 


And, exciting news… Booked Out Designer is open right now for enrollment through 2/11!  If you’re a designer who wants to earn more money, book more clients, and streamline your processes — you need to join me in this program. Booked Out Designer is more than just a course. It’s a 90 lesson transformational course AND coaching from me AND coaching from a certified life coach AND a supportive Facebook community of other designers. This program will help you change your business for the better or start your design business wayyyyy ahead of the game. Get info at and join today! 


If you’re not a designer but you’re looking for coaching + courses from me, listen to this episode for some deets on stuff coming in 2022. :) 


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