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Mar 8, 2022

Let’s chat like friends over coffee as I share parts of my postpartum journey as a first time mama, with plenty of tips and takeaways throughout! A few months ago, you heard Colin’s birth story on the podcast (episode #148), and you guys LOVED it. Thank you for all the kind messages and feedback on it. If it was impactful to you in some way, I’m grateful! That was my prayer in sharing all of it. 


And now, I want to share about my postpartum journey! I’m sharing what those early days and weeks were like with a newborn. We’re talking about things like family visits, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, relationship with your spouse, exercise, postpartum healing, and so much more. And, if you’re not a new or expecting mama, I’ll also be sharing some ways you can help and offer grace to the new mama in your life. 


It’s easy to forget what those early days are like with a newborn. I definitely have forgotten plenty already! But, I outlined the majority of this episode when Colin was 3 months old, while things were very fresh! And now I’m recording it when he’s almost 6 months old. I’ll be focusing on those EARLY days, and not so much life right now. I’ll save that for another episode. 


I want to acknowledge that everyone’s situation is so incredibly different, and I am sharing from the lens of my own experience, which is likely different from yours. Some of the topics I talk about on this episode are sensitive ones and we all have our own opinions and experiences. I hope you’ll have grace for me as I try to vulnerably share my experience (and offer advice) the best I can!  If you want more postpartum and motherhood episodes, please do let me know. You can message me anytime on Instagram @elizabethmccravy. And let me know what you think of this episode by sending me a message or writing a review! 


All links I mention are linked in the full shownotes here: (plus, some additional book and clothing recs that I don’t mention in the audio!) 

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