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Mar 15, 2022

Last week we talked about early motherhood from a postpartum life perspective, now let’s talk about those early days from a BUSINESS perspective. I’m sharing all the nitty gritty details of my 5 month maternity leave. (It was about 5 ½ months total - including the time before Colin was actually born, which we’ll get into in this episode!) 


On episode #139 (What I Did To Prepare For A 2 ½ Month Maternity Leave As An Online Business Owner), I told you all about how I planned a maternity leave from my business! Well, now maternity leave is over, and Colin is 6 months old! 


I’ll be sharing…

- What taking so much time away from my business was like

- The hilariousness of the early days of my maternity leave while waiting on Colin to be born 

- The experience of working a little bit but not “a lot” (because you never really “stop” as a business owner)

- 3 ways I’ve built a business that allows for this much time away while still thriving 

- How did all my planning actually play out in real life

- How much I worked/didn’t work 

- What it was like executing a Black Friday sale while on leave (and what I’d do differently next time) 

- How my desires for my work life changed when becoming a mom 

- My team members review of the leave 

- Plus, plenty of random tips for you throughout! 


This is in no way a COMPLETE picture of my maternity leave. I wish I could share every important detail, but the truth is… I forget a lot of things and this outline is already 10 pages as it is. I hope you’ll enjoy this casual and very real episode. And, I pray it helps you in some way as you plan time away from your business, whatever that looks like for you! 


Links mentioned in the episode:

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- Episode #148 - Colin’s Birth Story: 


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