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Apr 19, 2022

I’m answering your questions about MY team specifically and how I do team and systems in my business. If you love learning through hearing what other people do, you’ll love this episode. And, I’ve got plenty of tid bits throughout that you can apply to your business right now. Working with a team and NOT doing it all alone is a huge part of how I’ve built my business, how I’m able to work less hours and still grow, and a way I keep business fun and enjoyable. 


Tune in to hear the answers to these questions: 

  1. How many members do you have in your team?
  2. Are your teammates full-time or part-time employees or independent contractors? 
  3. What is the first thing you outsourced/hired out for? What did it look like for you when you first started outsourcing? 
  4. Have you ever made a wrong hire? Have you made any terrible hires? 
  5. Does your team design your templates?
  6. How often do you talk to the people on your team? What does communication look like on the day to day?
  7. Was it hard for you to give up the reins in your business to other people, especially fully over maternity leave?


PSST! COOL NEWS: I’ve got a new course coming soon all about TEAMS. This course is your step by step plan to hiring help in your business, and then doing business with a team day in and day out. And when I say team, I don’t mean 10 full time employees. Most of you (and myself included) don’t need that. I’m talking about building your small and mighty team that might just be one part-time contractor. If you want to scale your offers, maximize your time, and grow your business, this is a great way to do so! Head to to take a quick survey and get on the waitlist for this new course. You might hear your questions from the survey on an upcoming podcast, and your answers will help me as I create this course! 


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