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Sep 13, 2022

Technically we ALL have a funnel for our business, meaning the way we’re getting leads into our business and selling, but if your funnel is actually working as well as it could is another question that we’re diving into today. I’m chatting with the brilliant Alexa Cawley, owner of Forever Friday Consulting. She’s the host of the Friday Society Podcast and is a marketing consultant for wellness brands. She’s a 2x EM Shop customer and a long time listener of this podcast. By the way, I LOVE having guests who already listen to this show because they always bring exactly what you all need to hear. 


In today’s episode, we’re diving into marketing funnels, and specifically 5 pieces of a successful one and the order in which they come, how to do your own funnel, and so much more. Alexa does an excellent job specifically speaking to new business owners in this as well, and we talk about funnels both from the perspective of service businesses and product businesses. So whichever you are, you’ll hear how to do a funnel for BOTH. 


Other things we discuss worth nothing: 

- Marketing practices and the stereotype around “bro marketer” funnels

- What’s not working anymore and what works in today’s world with funnels and marketing

- The current SoulCycle and Peloton battle and some great marketing tips we can learn there

- Marketing lessons Alexa learned working with big wellness brands like Lululemon and SoulCycle

- And we go through all those steps to a successful funnel 


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Hear my interview on Alexa's podcast here: Apple Podcast  |  Spotify (It's episode 60 on her show!)