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Oct 20, 2022

Today you get to hear from Katy Boykin, who is an incredible brand designer and WordPress designer. My goal with this interview (and the 3 coming next week) is to show you what’s possible in your business. You’ve heard my story time and time again on the podcast, but this time I’m interviewing 3 friends to share their stories with you. These women are all 3 designers who design on different platforms, and have all taken Booked Out Designer. They’re sharing things like how they got into business, their pain points along the way, what helped, what didn’t, where they are right now in their journey, and more! 

In this interview with Katy, you’ll hear so much GOODNESS. Here are a few noteworthy highlights: 

- How Katy’s time as a yearbook editor revealed her love for design 

- Katy’s experience dropping her art major in college for hospitality management 

- What it was like quitting her 9 to 5 cold turkey 

- Katy’s experience starting and selling a blog 

- Katy realizing a call to leave her Christian blog and to website design was just a different way to serve God through helping others 

- Katy’s great advice for dealing with imposter syndrome 

- Her experience as a WordPress designer using Elementor and Cadence builders 

- How Katy joined Booked Out Designer and quickly landed her first $6,000 website design project 

And more! 


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