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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

Today I’m chatting with a friend and member of my Booked Out Designer community, Stephanie Duke! We first connected in 2019 before I ever made Booked Out Designer because she was one of the people I “interviewed” about what they needed help with in their business. Since then, she’s been a long-time podcast listener, and eventually joined Booked Out Designer and has had HUGE WINS from the course. I just love Stephanie, and I think her joy and heart for her work will come through so well in this episode. I know many of you will be able to relate to her story. She’s always been the artsy kid and after years of doing various part-time jobs, ended up going all in on her design business. She also runs a successful Etsy shop where she makes polymer clay art, which you can check out here. (<< Seriously perfect place to buy gifts as Christmas is approaching, and you can support a fellow small business owner!) 


Highlights from this episode: 

- Stephanie’s experience with always working multiple jobs 

- Stephanie’s college experience learning design skills in remote schooling 

- The details on her first ever $40 logo project (very relatable designer experience!) 

- How Stephanie learned to think like a business owner and learned business skills early on 

- Losing her job, applying for jobs and not hearing back, and ultimately following God’s calling through the whole experience 

- Stephanie’s business creating polymer clay art before starting her brand and web design business 

- Stephanie’s experience going full time in her design business 

- How Booked Out Designer impacted Stephanie’s business growth 

- Homesteading lifestyle stuff (yep, Stephanie has tons of chickens and ducks!) 


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