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Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Oct 27, 2022

Today I’m chatting with Katelyn Dekle from Launch the Damn Thing. Katelyn and I first connected when she heard me on James Wedmore’s podcast and she sent me the world’s sweetest email. This was BEFORE Booked Out Designer even existed, but later when the course was created, she joined and has been an essential part of our community ever since. We’re talking through her business journey, her advice for niching down and finding clients as a designer, and her experience with Booked Out Designer! I love Katelyn, her unique approach to business and marketing, and her love of teaching what works for her is so evident. I hope you all enjoy this conversation! 


Also, today is my 30th BIRTHDAY! You can bet that today I’ll be relaxing, reflecting, and appreciating life and these last 10 years as I leave my 20s and enter a new decade. And perhaps a 30th birthday reflect episode will come later. 


Highlights from this episode:

- How Katelyn made the free time to work on her business while also being at a 9 to 5 

- Katelyn’s story of leaving her day job during the pandemic and going full time in her business

- How Katelyn isn’t very active on social media, and 98% of her clients are finding her through Google search

- Alternative ideas for “niching down” — Katelyn shares how she niched to a personality-type not an industry 

- How Katelyn made $10k after implementing just 2 modules from Booked Out Designer 


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