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Dec 6, 2022

Today we’re diving into a MUCH requested topic — the visual side of your marketing and business — a.k.a. the images and videos you use on your website and throughout your marketing. This is so important, right? We know that. We are visual creatures and that is true now more than ever. Gone are the days where you can have a website with no images or social media or any other part of your business without using images. The images and videos we use in our businesses express who we are as a brand, they might resonate with our buyers or they might not, and they are a vital part of content creation which we know drives sales. 


This episode covers: 

- Why your business needs stock photos 

- WHAT a stock photo is (and where you might see them) 

- How stock photos are different from customized brand photography 

- What to look for when using stock photography (and what to avoid) 

- My favorite stock photography company (Yes, I’ll just tell you exactly what I use so you can use it too.)

- Where I recommend using stock photography versus photos customized to your brand (and what I do in my own business for this)

- How to integrate stock photos and brand photos seamlessly into your marketing! 


Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Haute Stock! Haute Stock is my favorite stock photo company, and I use their images ALL over my business. You can get 15% off your subscription with the referral code: ELIZABETH at checkout or by visiting this link:  


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