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Dec 13, 2022

I’m chatting today with fellow educator and podcaster, Laylee Emadi! She’s the host of the So, Here’s the Thing Podcast and the founder of The Creative Educator Academy. I personally really enjoy her podcast, and I was a guest a few months ago. (Links below to that conversation - it was episode #108 on her podcast!) 


This interview is so insightful if you are someone who has ever wanted to get into education as a business owner. Whether that is education like speaking at events or being interviewed on podcasts OR things like educational offerings within your business, like courses. 


We talk about things like… 

- Being a multi passionate business owner

- How to pitch yourself for conferences

- How to get started as an educator

- Do’s and don’ts of online courses 

-  How to create whitespace in your business

- Laylee’s unpopular business opinions 

And so much more! 


Looking for an event to help you grow as an educator!? 

We talk briefly about Laylee’s new conference, The Creative Educator Conference, and fun fact — I’m a speaker at it! It’s January 17th-18th in Dallas Texas. I love a good in-person event - the community element is incredible, you make new friends, and when you have a conference that is hands-on and implementation focused, you grow so quickly too. This conference is for up-and-coming Creative Educators who are ready to grow and established Educators who are dedicated to scaling and bettering their craft and current offers! Attendees will get hands-on, action based education. This is not your average sit-and-listen conference! You’ll be able to chat and get help directly from myself and other speakers. If you're ready to level up your educational offerings, this is for you! Get all the information and sign up at 

Links mentioned in this episode: 

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- Connect with Laylee on her Instagram: 

- Connect with Laylee on her website: 

- Hear me on Laylee’s Podcast “So, Here’s the Thing” episode #108 - Blog Post  |  Apple Podcasts  |  Spotify - We chat all about diversifying revenue streams in your business!  

- Details on The Creative Educator Conference: 


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