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Dec 27, 2022

Let’s talk money, honey — specifically how to keep MORE of yours in 2023. So often as business owners, we overspend without even thinking about it. It’s easy to just spend, spend, spend! Shiny object syndrome is real. And most of us (myself included) did not study finance, accounting, and bookkeeping in any professional capacity. We might struggle to really SEE where our money is going. 


As we move into the new year, it’s the perfect time to evaluate what’s been happening in our business financially and what shifts we can make to improve our finances! Let’s look critically at our business’ finances today to see what shifts we can make to increase our profit margins! I am going to show you 4 areas to evaluate in your business finances to get your profits higher and spending lower for the new year! 


Think you want more financial tools to track this kind of stuff? Check out my resource, Profit Sheet! This is the tool I created and have used for years to track my business finances. You can track everything from tax payments, to what you pay yourself monthly, profit margins, and so much more! Buy it at 


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